My Top 5 Desert Island Albums

If I could have any five albums with me on a desert island, these are the ones I would want (in no particular order):

  • Ammonia Avenue by Alan Parsons Project
  • Teatro by Willie Nelson
  • Lonely Runs Both Ways by Alison Krauss & Union Station
  • Oranges & Lemons by XTC
  • Kid A by Radiohead

- J.

To accompany the release of my own "Harp Reel 5000," I think it's fitting that I reveal my Top Ten Desert Island Picks for the harmonica players I'd like to listen to on said island (whether it's recordings or if they're able to join me in-person, either way works for me!). Be sure to take the quick poll at the end of the list  :)

10. LITTLE WALTER (Muddy Waters, etc). (1930 - 1968).  Born in Marksville LA, USA. 

9.  INDIARA SFAIR (living  & active). Born in Curitiba, Brazil. 

8.  CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE (age 79 & active). Born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, USA. 

7.  JUNIOR WELLS (1934 - 1998). Born in Memphis Tennessee, USA. 

6.  PAUL BUTTERFIELD (1942 - 1987). Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

5.  BIG MAMA THORNTON (1926 - 1984). Born in Ariton, Alabama, US

4.  MICKEY RAPHAEL (Willie Nelson, etc) (age 71 & active). Born in Dallas TX, USA.

3.  LESTER BUTLER (Red Devils) (1959 - 1998). Born in Virginia, USA.

2.  MAGIC DICK (aka Richard Salwitz) (The J. Geils Band etc) (age 78 & active).

Born in New London, Connecticut, USA.

1.  JAMES COTTON (1935 - 2017) Born in Tunica, Mississippi, USA.

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I've seen 4 of these 10 harmonica greats play live in concert, but I have only met ONE of them. Which one?

Junior Wells 0
Indiara Sfair 0
James Cotton 1
Mickey Raphael 0
Magic Dick 1
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