From the recording Snow and the Apple Tree

Words & Music by Jamesy. (SOCAN)
Engineered by Eric Hogg at Soma Sound.
Produced by E. Hogg and Jamesy.
Jamesy: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.
Claire Butterfield: Harmony Vocals.
Eric Hogg: Bass, Programming.


I'm waking up to Winter
Watching everything die
There's nothing loving in Her
Just a good start on goodbye

Sky is darker with each hour
Snow is deeper with each step
Every petal, every flower
Falls asleep within its bed

I'm waking up to Winter
Watching everybody hide
There's nothing warm within Her
Just a false start on a life

Dogs are howling of the damage
Birds are shutting their mouths tight
Every soul in every season
In its own hour comes alive

So I'm waking up to Winter
To the window's Morning Light