In this inaugural episode of The Wolverine Variety Hour, The Mystic Cave segment explores death and dying, while the Spiritual Happiness HQ segment dives into the power of simplicity, and The Branch Manager discusses the biodiversity of the woodlot. PLUS songs from Tony Horlor, Terry Lawson, Hallam Highwater, and White Hot Jet. Oh, and you won't want to miss our special guest, Absurd Abner. The Wolverine is a variety podcast of epic proportions, featuring spoken word deep dives into spirituality, absurdist comedy, and trees! This podcast also shines a spotlight on musical artists on-the-rise. If you believe variety is the spice of life, The Wolverine is the perfect podcast for you.

Host & Producer: Jamesy
In-House Announcer: Al Demmitt


"Fifteen Minutes" - Tony Horlor & The Garage Band Cooperative (with permission from artist/songwriter)

"Let's Have Another One" - Hallam Highwater (with permission from artist/songwriter)

"While You Are Gone" - Terry Lawson & The Garage Band Cooperative (with permission from artist/songwriter)

"Time Machine" - White Hot Jet (with permission from artist/songwriter)

"Reminders" - Ketsa (creative commons / no copyright via

"I Just Wanna Be Great" - NEFFEX (creative commons / no copyright via