1. The Pier

The Pier is a song that has gone through an interesting transformation over the years. It started as
a songwriter writing a song and calling up a friend to ask if it was a good time to swing by and record a new song at the friend's bare bones home studio. The song contained a metaphor about a the crumbling of a romantic relationship and how it related to a TV movie of a similar theme. When the songwriter arrived at the friend/engineer's home, a TV movie happened to be on, and that TV movie ("The Five People You Meet in Heaven") was then sampled into the song. Within an hour of the song being written, the original remedial recording was born. Skip ahead 15 years, the same songwriter approaches a multi-instrumentalist friend to add guitar & bass, and...voila (not to be confused with viola)...new magic enters the mix, and a completely new & re-imagined version of the song emerges...We present...The Pier. *with special thanks to the ever-resourceful & gifted multi-instrumentalist Tony Horlor.


The Pier (ether and bones)

I’m on my crazy talk sleep walk
In which your name often comes up
And wherever you are, I hope you’re not there
And I don’t come back to bed
To a pillow of your hair

I’m on my train trip to the southern tip of
Anywhere but here, I’m full steam ahead
I’m on track, not looking back
All aboard, but instead, I leave you at the station
With an awful steamin’ head

I’m in my TV Movie
in which you star opposite me
And wherever you are, I’ll be in another frame
And I hope that we don’t have to
Do another love scene